We invite friends and benefactors of UCU to join us for festive events at the start of the academic year!


On the program:
– Ceremonial placing of a memorial capsule in the wall of Collegium II (September 8)
– Tours of the campus (September 9)
– Pilgrimage to spiritual centers of Halychyna (September 9)
– A series of public lectures by UCU professors and guest lecturers (September 10 – 13)
– TEDxUCU (September 13)
– Parish Feast Day of the University Church and consecration of church mosaics (September 14)
– Student initiation and ceremony of awarding scholarships (September 14)
– Youth festival Viter-Na-Diyi (September 15)

You can receive additional information or help in planning your trip by sending an e-mail to:
[email protected]
[email protected],
or by phoneUCU+38 098 60 39 211,
UCEF Canada416-239-2495