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Supporters in Canada Donate Funds for UCU Student Scholarships to Help Build a New Intellectual Front in Ukraine

The Friends of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Calgary, along with the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation, put on the Adopt a Student – Keep UCU Strong online fundraiser on May 11, 2022. During the event, over $84,000 was raised, which will be used to fund 20 full-year scholarships for UCU students.

The emcee for this event was Sofiya Yusypovych, President of the Ukrainian Students Club at Ryerson University in Toronto. A keynote address was presented by UCU Senior Vice-Rector Taras Dobko. Specifically, he spoke about the current situation in Ukraine, the activities of the university during the war, and plans for future growth.

With Ukraine and the Ukrainian Catholic University facing difficult times, UCU rector Bohdan Prach, appealed to attendees for the need for support from people worldwide to enable the university and its students to continue their education, to rebuild a new Ukraine, and to create a new generation of leaders. He also thanked everyone for their unwavering support.

The event included presentations from a number of UCU students as well as alumni. Ivanna Paklikovska (Diman), who took part in the first student exchange between UCU and St. Mary’s University in Calgary was among the speakers. Former rector of St. Mary’s University, Dr. Gerry Turcotte, also spoke, reaffirming the need to support the talented youth of Ukraine.

Second-year Political Science student, Oleksandr Monastyrskyi, thanked all donors for their support on behalf of his fellow students, whose goal is to obtain a high quality education even during this difficult time. He also added that students have always been the historical drivers of change but that they need help from supporters in order to make this a reality.

Third year sociology student, Daryna Kolmyk, discussed the value of community and highlighted that UCU is as a place of inclusion and caring. She also described how the importance of love for one another has increased during this time. Lastly, Daryna underscored that good will always prevail over evil and that Ukrainians always keep hope, even in the darkest times. She also emphasized that UCU students will be the future intellectual front of Ukraine.

Musical entertainment was provided by L’viv based choir «Дударик» who performed the song «Ой у лузі червона калина», which has become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance during the war.

The Adopt a Student fundraising campaign continues and we ask that all of our friends and supporters in Canada continue upholding UCU. In the time of war, this support is extremely important and needed. Thank you to all of our donors and supporters for helping students. Thank you also to the organizing committee in Calgary for putting together a wonderful event in support of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

A recording of the event can be viewed on YouTube.