Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation

Rebuilding the Ukrainian Catholic Church through education
Charitable Registration in Canada # 82224 5098 RR 0001


UCU is striving to provide stable financing for the basic undertakings of the University, for today and the future. Therefore, UCU is asking donors to sponsor endowments through which yearly interest revenues can continually provide for specific needs of the University.

Professorship Fund – guarantees continued support for a leading professor at the University

Young Scholar Fund – supports continued work of a young lecturer or an assistant to a professor

Lectures Fund – finances the expenses of a guest professor at UCU

Research Fund – enables the realization of one of UCU’s research projects

Student Scholarship Fund “Plus” – covers one student’s tuition and room and board for one year

Students’ Scholarship Fund – covers one student’s tuition for a year

Books’ Fund – provides annual funds to update the library collection with quality scholarly books and periodicals.

Copy of UCEF and Donor`s Endowment Agreement available upon request at UCEF office.