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Report on UCU Activities During One Year of War

Over the last year of the war, with the trust of a wide range of individuals and organizations, UCU became a reliable partner in allocating significant aid to Ukraine’s needs. Together with donors, UCU directed 6.7 million dollars to humanitarian needs. A major share of the funds (about 42%) was directed to support the wounded […]

Report on UCU’s activities during the 11th month of war

In the 11 months of war, with the trust of a wide circle of supporters and organizations, UCU has managed to become a dependable partner in transferring significant aid for Ukraine’s needs. UCU and its benefactors have sent $ 6.38 million dollars for humanitarian aid. A large part of the funds (44%) have been used […]

Over the Four Months of War, UCU has Collected $3.44 million for Humanitarian Aid

Our strength in times of war lies in our daily courage: the courage to learn and study, volunteer and protect, work and educate. The fourth month of the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people is a testimony to the unconquerable spirit of those fighting on the frontline and the home front. Since the first day […]

UCU Student Humanitarian Initiatives

An essential component of the UCU’s Humanitarian Front since the beginning of the war has consisted of the following student initiatives: – weaving camouflage nets (60 nets made by more than 200 volunteers); – workshop for writing letters to the military (more than 1000 letters sent); – baking workshop for the military (more than 200 kg of pastries sent); – children’s […]