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UCU is carrying out a unique project for Ukraine – the construction of a new campus with a classroom building, collegium, library, church, and other buildings. The location of the campus – in Lviv’s largest and oldest park – creates a unique atmosphere and conditions so conducive to study that one can only dream. The…(Read More)


UCU is founding new academic programs of an international calibre with the aim of improving the quality of education, increasing the number of highly qualified professionals, and educating new leaders for the development of civil society in Ukraine…(Read More)


UCU is striving to provide stable financing for the basic undertakings of the University, for today and the future. Therefore, UCU is asking donors to sponsor endowments through which yearly interest revenues can continually provide for specific needs of the University. Professorship Fund – guarantees continued support for a leading professor at the University Young…(Read More)


Today, some of the best professors and academics from various branches of the humanities teach at UCU. Our professors employ modern teaching techniques and methodologies in their work with students. We invite you to support these quality professors and academics at UCU through the following projects: Research and Travel Grants – will allow young academics…(Read More)


Academic support provides concrete assistance to talented young people and to the university as a whole. UCU student scholarships provide partial or full tuition assistance and offset the balance of the cost to the university associated with educating each student. We hope that we can rely on your support and invite you to consider a…(Read More)